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How Taylor Welch Amassed the Greatest Collection of Vintage Grateful Dead Tees on Earth

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So the other week I’m getting my hair cut, and Julie the hairstyling goddess, a young thing of twentysomething who’s into tattoos, hair color as art form, and lots of black clothing, hears of the impending tour and my hopes of getting Shoreline tix, and says, “I have a question. What’s a Dead Head? How would you define it? So I hemmed and hawed a bit. I said it was the kind of thing that if you said you were one, no one could say you weren’t. I may have mentioned Ann Coulter.

The Recession. Isn’t It Romantic?

You waited online for hours, and hours , trying to order them through Ticketmaster. Denied again. But somehow — some way — you’re going to Chicago for the Dead shows at Soldier Field July 3, 4 and 5. So you’ll be there too obv, because let’s face it: Jerry would want it that way. Here’s some help getting back into the hippie groove scene this Fourth of July in Chicago, which is the top U.

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He is best known as one of the two drummers of the rock band Grateful Dead. He was a member of the Grateful Dead from September until February , and again from October until their final show in July He and fellow Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann earned the nickname “the rhythm devils”. He was raised in suburban Inwood, New York by his mother, Leah, a drummer, gown maker and bookkeeper.

His father Lenny Hart , a champion rudimental drummer , had abandoned his family when the younger Hart was a toddler. Although Hart who was hyperactive and not academically inclined became interested in percussion as a grade school student, his interest intensified after seeing his father’s picture in a newsreel documenting the World’s Fair.

Shortly thereafter, he discovered a practice pad and a pair of snakewood sticks that belonged to his father. Hart would later recall that many champion rudimental drummers attended his high school; this inspired him to ascend to the first chair in the All State Band as a pupil of Arthur Jones, who served as a father figure to him and ensured that he was not suspended for neglecting his other classes. A few months out of high school, he discovered the work of Nigerian drummer Babatunde Olatunji , another formative influence.

Hart dropped out of high school as a senior. Impressed by its musical pedigree, he enlisted in the United States Air Force in For three and a half years, he was stationed throughout Europe, where he also claimed to have taught “combative measures” most notably judo , in which he had attained a black belt to units of the Strategic Air Command and other units in Europe and Africa. During a tour in Spain, he reportedly sat in with a variety of notable jazz musicians including Gerry Mulligan and Count Basie in addition to performing in various ensembles spanning the gamut from small jazz combos to marching bands and on recording sessions for local pop stars.

Hart would later intimate in a interview that his Airmen of Note assignment served as a “cover” for his instructive duties.

Mickey Hart

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Urban Dictionary defines Deadhead as “a person who greatly enjoys the Goehner currently writes online dating essays for

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Many singles now use a Deadhead dating site to find someone who is into the same. It is so much easier and more discreet to find local men and women that could be looking for anything from a serious relationship to something more casual, free and easy. A MAN. What are you looking for? Looking for. What is your age?

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Welcome to the latest installment of The Collectors, a series in which InsideHook profiles people behind impressive private collections. From the tape traders to the fans that followed the band around on tour after tour, decade after decade, few fanbases have remained as diehard as Deadheads. Welch has amassed one of the largest collections of Grateful Dead shirts and psychedelia known to humankind. His stash of common and impossible-to-find tees has garnered the attention of true Deadheads and celebrities alike, from actor Jonah Hill to rappers Flatbush Zombies to chef and TV star Matty Matheson.

This past June, Welch left his home in St. Simons, Georgia, with a car full of official and bootleg shirts and headed to New York City for a pop-up shop and some private sales appointments. InsideHook caught up with him to find out how he got the Instagram handle Deadhead , his favorite vintage sourcing tale and where he hopes this expansive collection might end up.

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Give up? They are all members of the inimitable community of Grateful Dead fans commonly and affectionately known as Deadheads. This subset grew in number, soon giving birth to a community with its own set of rules and even slang. Sure, Beatlemania once swept the U. And the Rolling Stones still have audiences under their thumb, despite their combined age of

With the rise of the internet, a significant online community devoted to the deadhead subculture began to organize itself (Pearce ). Deadhead Subcultural.

Choosing and justifying a list of essential Grateful Dead shows — 20, , or even 2, — is treacherous work. Passionate challenge from fans, especially hardcore Deadheads and veteran tape traders, is guaranteed. Endless debate over set-list minutiae is inevitable. That long, strange trip was a continually unfolding tale of highs and trials, dedicated evolution and surrender to the moment, often caught vividly in the recording studio but told most immediately each night or day onstage.

These 20 shows are genuinely essential in at least one way: If I had no other live Dead in my collection, I would be happy and fulfilled with this. Luckily, there is more.


Lookin for someone to finally have a conversation with. Seems like only other hippies are capable of that. Just loving. Click HERE to ask me to complete this section! Im a mother of three that choose the forest before the city.

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This summer, the Grateful Dead had a full-blown cultural moment. Stoked by Mayer , a cult style icon in his own right, bootleg Grateful Dead T-shirts became status symbols, Deadheads came out of the woodwork, and tie-dye was suddenly everywhere. Nothing that was happening was new, necessarily, but each event and micro-trend culminated in a Grateful Dead vibe that was impossible to miss.

Their T-shirts draw on recognizable Grateful Dead bootleg motifs: skulls, Dead lyrics, dancing bears, and epic tie-die abound. But their graphics are enormous and intricate, and include their own characters—goblins, jesters—along with druggie iconography and phrases that channel a sort of cosmic mindfulness. As word started getting out about the next-level T-shirt brand and its delightfully shitty website , Online Ceramics picked up their first fashion account at Union Los Angeles.

And last weekend Funk and Ross caused a minor situation at ComplexCon when they parked in a nearby lot with tees and hoodies and put their location on Instagram. So pay attention to onlineceramics. Before they hit the road, I called them up to get the full Online Ceramics story. GQ Style: So when did you start making T-shirts? I assume it started as a side-hobby. Alix Ross: Before we started Online Ceramics, Elijah and I were both really interested in sculptures, and interested in contemporary and fine art.

We both had aspirations to be artists, to be represented by galleries potentially.

alt-J – Deadcrush (Official Video)